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2013.10.22LG Hausys Reinforces Strategy for Imitation Marble Market
Leads global trend by launching 15 HI-MACS® products
■ Offering customers a wide selection of choices and various interior styles with new HI- MACS® patterns including Solid and Marmo.

■ Reflecting global trends through interviews with overseas architects and designers.

■ Leading the domestic and international imitation marble market by delivering new values to the customers throughout the entire process from product development to construction.

LG Hausys (CEO: Oh Jang-soo), Korea’s largest construction and decoration materials manufacturer, is reinforcing its strategy for global interior materials market by launching new HI-MACS® (imitation marble) products.
HI-MACS® is LG Hausys’ most acknowledged interior material with outstanding processability and eco-friendliness compared to natural marble. It has been used for some well-known international buildings and structures such as Porsche Museum in Germany and Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shangha, China.
LG Hausys’ HI-MACS® products include 7 types of single-colored Solid series, and 8 types of natural marble patterned Marmo series. A wide variety of interior styles can be now achieved as more diversified product designs are available.
The Solid series is aimed for the European market and reflects the latest European trends with colors such as wine, olive, etc. For the Marmo series, rich colors, dynamic designs, and delicate patterns are added.
For the design of this new product line, LG Hausys conducted interviews with many international architects and designers, conducted research on interior trends in key global markets such as Europe, U.S., China, etc and focused on developing customer-oriented products.
Mr. Kim Kwang-jin, the surface materials business manager in LG Hausys, commented, “As architectural technology advances and interior materials become more diversified, the number of customers are increasing who want more distinctive interior designs that highlight the characteristic of their space. LG Hausys plans to proactively lead the both domestic and global imitation marble markets based on our capacity to deliver differentiated values to our customers through the entire process from product development to construction.”
LG Hausys built its Engineered Stone manufacturing factory in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011 and has now begun full-scale operations. Production here will supply the expanded overseas distribution channels like Home Depot and produce localized products.
LG Hausys has begun full-scale operation of the Engineered Stone manufacturing factory which was built in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011 and is continuing the growth in global market through the expansion of distribution network and the release of localized products, like Home Depot.